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In spite of abundant information in Internet on Fedoskino lacquer miniature this site is unique. It embraces all the main kinds, directions, styles and works of the leading painters of this art. Here you have a rare opportunity to communicate directly to the painters, and not to mediators, whose major interest is often commerce.

Russian lacquer boxes belong to a special kind of art - a folk craft that originated in the 18th century. Fedoskino craft today is the oldest and the most famous.

Here you would find the most complete collection of works of art by these artists. On a display you would find a big number of masterpieces, created for you by the artists, who are giving over to you the warmth of their hands and souls. We offer you original and unique things, which are created for you just in a single item. They are boxes and caskets, cigarette-boxes and snuff-boxes, Easter eggs and other things.

Recently in Russia and abroad there appeared a big number of fake things that are offered as items of Fedoskino craft. These items are so diverse, that it is impossible to describe them just in two words…they could be done in a professional way, but not in the technique and traditions of Fedoskino, or not on a traditional material… a fake could be just a postcard with the image of Fedoskino box on it, covered with parquet lacque. In our gallery you are safe against any imitaton. Here you would find only original works of the artists , who are the leading painters of Fedoskino craft.

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