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All works of artists of our Artel are submitted in this gallery. We hope you will find a lot of interesting in this virtual collection of beautiful things.
Compositions by Alexei Puchkov, being bright in colour and optimistic by its mood, will not leave anybody indifferent.
Mikhail Shelukhin is equally productive in different genres of painting. His elements are - still life, genre compositions, portrait and elaborate architectural landscapes.
Landscapes by Vladimir Monashov would attract one by the harmonious colour palette, its graphic and decorative painting style.
Monochrome architectural landscapes by Yuri Mikhalev would remind exquisite graphic work.
Dmitry Sedov conveys subtle shades of nature of the favourite scenery in his lyrical landscapes.
Works by these painters bear a strong element of energy.
Comprehension of the mysteries of nature is the main subject of their work.
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